20 March 2023

A very successful Coupe de Chamonix

Here are our skaters results at the Coupe de Chamonix:

R3C Benjamin: Amélie Murdoch 1st, Niarrha Ellys Van Oers 3rd and Léna Canale 4th
R3C Poussin: Eva Ricard 1st et Evy Garny 4th
R3B Minime: Eleanor Laing 3rd
R3 A Minime: Leoni Vanbellingen 1st
R3A Novice: Julia Bozon 1st
R2 Junior: Maud Cachat 3rd
R1 Junior: Sacha Bozon 6th
R1: Novice: Iris Leroi 4th
R1 Minime: Mélusine Gavache 1st 
F2 Minime: Ninon Tran 1st
F1 Benjamin: Avani Svensson 4th
F1 Minime: Evie Pope 2nd et Olivia Svensson 3rd
F1 Novice: Anne-Marie Wilson 2nd
F1 Junior: Corentine Mesnil 2nd
Adulte Acier: Lucy Murdoch 4th
Adulte Bronze: Barbara Arbellin 1st et Marine Joie 3rd. 
Club Challenge: Chamonix 3rd
Many congratulations to you all.  Thank you to all  the many clubs who took part and who helped to make this competition the success that it was.  Finally a huge thank you to the Communauté de Commune, the Chamonix Club des Sports and to all the volunteers for their invaluable help.
A very successful Coupe de Chamonix

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