20 September 2016

Interview with Romain Desgranges after the World Championships in Paris

- Sports Club: After your beautiful semi finals how have you addressed this final?
Romain: "there were almost 24 hours between the two rounds, it can cut completely to rest well and start from the bottom.
Once in the final, you know that everything is possible, it will depend on the proposed route, the style, your form but also the shape of the others! Finally, the small luck factor! "

- Club Sports: Can you give me a summary of your final track?
Romain: "It was a final" modern "not very difficult energetically speaking, but with big spectacular moves, complemented by large catches.
In summary, a path more in the management of technical gesture in energy.
This is among other things why it's frustrating, a little mistake placement technique make me go "out the window" without being able to express myself fully. "

- Sports Club: How do you feel now after this 5th place?
Romain: "At the moment ... still very disappointed! I stare constantly the path of movement in my head! It will pass in a day ... Anyway, I will resume training thoroughly, I still have nice thing to do before the end of the season. "
- Sports Club: Currently in 3rd place in the standings of the World Cup lead, what are your goals for the season finale?
Romain: "It remains 2 world cups, one in China in October and one in Slovenia in November. My goal is very clear, I want to pick two new podiums and hang the standings hoping that the metal is the most valuable possible! "
Interview with Romain Desgranges after the World Championships in Paris

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