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Who said the ice hockey did not spell in the feminine…

The Chamonix’Angels:

Born in 2003 on the impulsion of Agnes Balmat who was the team captain until 2010, the Chamonix’Angels group women of every ages and every skating levels, avid to practice a collective sport : the ice hockey. The headlight event is of course the Ida Chappot tournament, international feminine ice hockey tournament which takes place every years on the last weekend of April. Since 2012, we organize also the Angels tournament in November, to celebrate the official Angels day, proclaimed the 13th of November 2010 in Aspen.

The Diabolics Angels:

To pull the team to the top and give it the possibility of making more mixed matches, the team fills out in 2005 of boys, not hockey players, but avid to practise the hockey. We wish to keep the feminine base of the team, that’s why a men’s “quotas” is established at the rate of 2 girls for 1 boy.

Ida Chappto tournament:

This tournament is an annual international tournament of the section created in 2006, it has the name of the old captain of the first feminine ice hockey team of Chamonix who brings the “Edelweiss” in England in 1932 while the hockey is a sport where women are banished.

It takes place on the last weekend of April and brings 8 teams from different places together.



President Anne BERNARD: 06 52 12 69 56


Email: -


Coach: Jean Michel Maresca - volunteer


Young girls from 4 years and Adults 14 years




See Minor Hockey


• ADULTS (from 14 years)


Trainings: Monday from 20 to 21 hours


Prices: 77.40 € license + 50 € membership fee + 5 € membership fee


Compulsory insurance: 3.78 € - membership fee 1 €


Angels subscription: 25 € - Ice rink card year: 44 €



The winners of the tournament these last years :

2010      GENEVE (CH)

2011       Faucons HUTWILL (CH)


2013      Panda from ALBERTA (CA)

2014      Lions from ZURICH (CH)

2015      Check Check One Two de Prilly (CH)

2016      CAEN